1/30/2009 - Updated and added links and radar on the home page. I also added Observation and News links. The links page now has some links on it. Lastly, I also added some meta tags so search engines can pick-up these pages.

2/4/2010 - Apparently, WeatherLink had a corrupt database file which made the last entry in the database think it was the year 2023. This error also caused no data to be recorded since 01/01/2010.I removed the offending error, and WeatherLink was able recover data since 01/10/2010. So, unfortunately, we have a 9 day hole in our data. The good news is NOAA Reports now functioning correctly. I also fixed the link to Nexrad Mixed Composite Radar Map on the front page as its address had changed. Lastly, I removed the data server upgrade message.